Coffee Beans

Our coffee is organic and we couldn’t be happier with our superb roasting company! We proudly serve Poverty Bay Coffee Company! They are a small batch micro-roaster that believes “the fresher the better”- their coffee is sustainable, shade grown, and direct trade.

Dairy Products

Smith brothers provides wonderful local dairy that is farm to fridge within 48 hours. All milk is free of the rBTS growth hormone. We also offer organic milk from Smith Brothers at an additional price.


We proudly serve Rishi Tea here at Asensio Coffee! We believe not only is the quality of the coffee bean extremely important but also the quality of tea and herbs. Rishi provides us organic, non-GMO, fair trade tea. We have a wide variety of green, black, white, and herbal teas that will make you realize there is a true difference between quality and cheap tea. 

There are many health benefits linked to different types of tea. For example, Oolong Tea is good for stress management, healthy skin, removal of free radical properties, and more!